Facial hydrolyzed collagen cream (anti-wrinkle treatment).

General description: deep moisturizing cream that helps to avoid
the premature aging of the skin and promote the regeneration of the subcutaneous tissue,
decreasing the wrinkles. It contains collagen and elastin in a high concentration to obtain greater absorption and effects in the face, like more elasticity, resistance and make skin look better. Aloe vera in the product provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, as well as reduces the damage caused by sun radiation and aids in the formation of scar tissue.

Uses: moisturizer and softener of the skin. Strong anti-wrinkle effect. Nourishes the skin.

Aplicación y cuidados: apply how many times you wish in the interest area (preferably in the face, but it can be applied in all the body). For better results, apply after washing skin, with circular motions. Do not apply in wounds or deep cuts and suspend application in case of unfavorable effects.
(preferiblemente cara, aunque puede ser aplicado en todo el cuerpo). Si se desea obtener
mejores resultados, aplicar en piel limpia mediante movimientos circulares. No aplicar en
heridas o cortes profundos y suspender aplicación en caso de efectos desfavorables.