Hydrolyzed collagen and algae gel

General description: moisturizing and rejuvenating gel of quick absorption and effect. The Aloe vera in the product provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, as well as reduces the damage caused by sun radiation and aids in the formation of scar tissue. The hydrolyzed collagen and elastin are absorbed faster because they are on an aqueous gel. Collagen and elastin help to the subcutaneous tissue repair, and give elasticity and resistance to the skin, making it look better. The gel contains FucusFucus algae, that confer to the skin elasticity and helps rejuvenating it, also, they help with dryness and clean skin from toxins. The gel absorption and drying is really quickly, ideal for those ones who don’t like cream sensation.

Uses: moisturizer and softener of the skin. Strong anti-wrinkle effect. Nourishes the skin.

Application and warnings:: apply on clean skin a few times during the day. Do not apply on wounds or deep cuts. If undesired results arise, suspend the treatment.