About us

Terra & Botanics arises from an idea of a group of researchers because of the big shortcomings of natural medicines and cosmetics in market. In 2013, the chemist Darío Chinchilla takes the initiative and decides to create a company of 100% Costa Rican capital and hard research that comes up offering products well thought out and tested to solve health problems. Terra & Botanics’s idea is to reinvent the concept of natural product, increasing its functionality, justifying the products scientifically, optimizing the compounds extractions and body absorption. All this keeping technology in balance with the environment, using products of organic cultivation, mountain spring water, without petrol derivates and looking up for natural solutions to preserve the products.

Mission & Vision

Terra & Botanics is a company oriented to the search of solves for the personal health caring with natural products, keeping technologies in balance with sustainable development.

Be a company of excellence, oriented to the search of solves for the personal health caring, managing to conquer the national and international market with technologies in balance with sustainable development, that gives benefits to its workers and generates value to its shareholders.


Bajos del Jorco, Acosta, San José, Costa Rica.

 +506 88435728

info@nature-tec- inc.com

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